[ENG] The Pure Class Rep ~I'll

The Pure Class Rep Will “Take Care” of You…!? The beautiful, smart, and pure class representative sits beside our protagonist. Of course, the protagonist has feelings for her. One day, the protagonist finds the class rep’s swimsuit. When he picks it up, the class rep finds him… He worries that his life is over, but the class rep asks, “How was my swimsuit?” as she rubs his crotch. Unable to resist, our protagonist is forcibly “taken care of” by the class rep. His hellish (or heavenly?) days are about to begin…! – 30 pages Manga by Narumiya Produced by Unnatural Animal Protection Organization

Circle:Unnatural Animal Protection Organization


Genre:Foot Job,Internal Cumshot,Verbal Humiliation,Shame / Humiliation,Tease

Release date:09/06/2021