[ENG Ver.] A Requiem For Clovers

“I have no qualms about becoming a creature preying on human souls if I could take vendetta.” said a girl. “I want you to be happy without hatred for others.” replied a boy. [Synopsis] A boy and girl live peaceful lives together in a small apartment. They joke around, get along with the girl next door, and go to school. All those normal kinds of things… It’s as if they are human—- However, the boy and girl share a secret which no-one else can know… The boy and girl also have secrets between themselves. – Floriography of White Clover: “Think of me”, “Good Luck”, “Promise”, and “Vengeance” – This is the first chapter of a series of original comics. Depicts bleeding as is shown in the sample images. Please be warned. 32 pages PDF / JPG formats Originally released in 2017 Circle: aoirokanata Author: Asuka Shikitani

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Moe,Loli,Sailor-style Uniform,Slice of Life / Daily Living,Heartwarming,Serious

Release date:05/18/2023