[ENG Ver.] BustaBoobs Complex ~TittyWife of the Electric Frog~

[Key Points] This frog with the power to control electricity… can send jolts through it’s cock! Enjoy as his WAIFU drools slovenly at the mouth, squirting breast milk all over the place while drowning in a sea of electrifying euphoria! [Synopsis] At the end of summer vacation, this women when on a little adventure… and found a BIG Frog. A big ELECTRIC frog. Unable to escape, she is forced to copulate… for the little tadpoles need her nutritious milk to grow strong. [Erotic Content] As per usual, this is not a monster rape work. All sex is consensual. Also, there is no breast expansion / engorgement. These girls have large breasts to begin with. Enjoy the combination of busty bursting breasts and electrifying pleasure! [Style] PDF & JPG file formats (Large / Small sizes) 36 pages including cover / back / other Physical version was planned to be released at Comic Market 92. Smartphone version contains [Large size] content only.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Fantasy,Breast Milk,Interspecies Sex,Big Breasts,Nipple Penetration

Release date:05/16/2023