[ENG Ver.] Cocky Male Student gets Personal Sex Education Guidance in a School Swimsuit!

[Synopsis] Akira is the only student in his class that cannot swim… and he ends up needing supplementary swimming lessons for enough points on his student record. However, the teacher that is tasked with providing him personal guidance… is a terrible pervert! He forces Akira to cross-dress and wear a girl’s school swimsuit, and worse… Day after day he is violated… and gradually, something changes within Akira’s body… and heart… After the protagonist is totally femcorrupted via forced crossdressing + oppressive sex, there is some abnormal content where he obediently follows orders. Such as… forced drinking of water, belly bloat, pseudo-vomiting, etc. (About 6 pages worth.) [Characters] Akira Yumisaki: A cocky male student who generally makes fun of teachers. He can do everything with ease, except swim… and that will be his downfall. While he is not aware of it himself, Akira is quite the masochist. Perverted Teacher: A PE teacher with a big and brawny body. A scumbag that ravages his students under the guise of personal guidance. He has had his sights on Akira for some time now. [Contents] Sukumizu (school swimsuit), otoko-no-ko (crossdressing pretty boy), body size disparity, creampie, irrumatio, doggy style, teacher x student, pseudo-pregbelly play, femcorruption, and more! 30 main pages + with / without text cover + bonus illustration Author’s X (Twitter): @blue_lung

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,Otoko no ko,Internal Cumshot,Coercion / Compulsion,Anal,Twin Tail,Pregnant Woman

Release date:12/27/2023