[ENG Ver.] Eve-chan Falls Prey To Tentacle Panties 2

Eve, still captured, is forced to clean the very tools used to sexually train her. She has been injected with nanomachines capable of controlling her body, leaving her no escape, or method by which to avoid the shameful orders given to her. Ordered to stand crab legged, she is handed a new and improved set of tentacle panties. She tries to resist. She tries to escape. But all is futile. The nanomachines convert her disobedience into clitoral vibration, and Eve is incapable of doing anything as the tentacles envelope her lower body… Adding insult to injury, she is forced to make embarrassing reports regarding how many orgasms she experiences, and the state of her pussy. Feeding off of her bodily fluids, the tentacle panties become intelligent and capable of communication. Eve’s cohabitation life continues with these ever-growing tentacle panties as they continuously assault her clitoris, urethra, pussy and anus. She endures, waiting for the opportune moment to rip the panties off… But when she tries……? 36 full color pages (32 main pages + 2 cover pages (title / no title) + 2 tentacle panties explanation pages) + Bonus without nipple piercings version

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Piercings / Accessories,Violation,Sexual Training,Shame / Humiliation,Tease,Coercion / Compulsion,Urethra,Tentacle

Release date:08/06/2022