[ENG Ver.] Flowers Who Don't Know Love

My first feeling. My first friend… —- And the first day I lied. [Characters] Ruri: A non-human girl. Her wish is to get revenge on the one that took everything from her. Nagaru: A non-human boy. Wishes that Ruri would live for her own happiness, instead of revenge. [Synopsis] Ruri is unable to hide her surprise when Nagaru calls her “cute” as a passing comment. With feelings she cannot comprehend swirling within, they head to school as per normal. Ruri makes her first friend, Yuri, and invites her over. They eat cake and play hide & seek and… They support each other through hard times, until they get revenge, or forget about revenge… The second volume in an original manga series. Contains some depictions of blood / bleeding, so please take caution if that triggers you. 32 pages PDF / JPG formats Originally released in 2018. Circle: aoirokanata Author: Asuka Shikitani

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Serial Product,Loli,Seinen,Slice of Life / Daily Living,Heartwarming,Serious

Release date:08/03/2023