[ENG Ver.] Good Girl.

I want to be praised too…! A lonely girl with a low sense of self esteem does not feel like she has any place where she truly belongs. Not at home. Not at school. Nowhere. The only thing she looks forward to in her life is meeting a certain guy and his dog when they are out for a stroll. They always look so cheerful, and she becomes jealous of the dog when it receives praise from its master. She makes a slip of the tongue… “If only I could become a dog too.” Well, she can… and does. At the hands of said man, she is pampered, punished and turned into his pet! Now she can enjoy a life in flirty lovey subservience without a care in the world…! 28 main pages

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Collar / Chain / Restraints,Uniform,Sailor-style Uniform,Animal / Pet,Pure Love,Peeing Oneself,Internal Cumshot,Restraint

Release date:09/02/2023