[ENG Ver.] Hypnosis Traveler ~impertinent mage with 0 hypnosis resistance gets pleasure corrupted~

Marked-girls Origin Vol.12 Marked-two presents an original female mage adventurer hypnosis rape themed book. As an experienced adventurer and a mage, the heroine intends to assist a younger adventurer, but then… “Wait up. Before we begin, let me apply some buffs. Look at this…” She comes under the influence of a hypnotic spell…! After which, it’s all downhill from there. Her sexy supple body is teased and toyed with, and she moans and writhes in the ecstatic pleasure~ Piston thrusting sex while indulging in sloppy deep kisses, copious creampie, cleanup fellatio… It’s not long before this girl falls to the sweetly corrupt pleasures of sex! On top of that, she then encounters an orc…!? Get ready for turbulent high speed hypnosis travel! The erotic spectacle of this perverted beauty is sure to get you hot and horny! We hope you enjoy this highly fappable book to the fullest. 1600 pixels vertical length * The pre-release web ver. of a physically printed doujinshi. * The censorship slightly differs from the printed ver. Circle: Marked-two Author: Sugahideo

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Moe,Lots of White Cream / Juices,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Hypnosis,Interspecies Sex,Forced Oral / Irrumatio,Big Breasts

Release date:11/07/2023