[ENG Ver.] I May Have Got Cucked, But I'm Gonna Lead A Happy Life

*** This is not an NTR / Cuckoldry themed work. *** Kengo, a guy nearing thirty, is an ordinary old company employee. He has been dating a woman named Yuuna for two years. She is a strong-willed and selfish woman, but to Kengo, she is the most attractive woman he has ever met. However, just as he was thinking of eventually marrying her… A slip of the tongue by Yuuna leads to the discovery of her having an affair! However, instead of apologizing, Yuuna bursts out in indignity instead. Kengo is dumped and abandoned. Depressed and devastated, Kengo wanders around town aimlessly… What a miserable experience… having one’s girlfriend cucked by a handsome guy. There is no greater misfortune. Nothing could fill the hole in Kengo’s heart that was left gaping open by losing the best girl in his life…. That’s when a crazy thought comes to Kengo’s mind…. How about I hit on and pick up the cute store clerk at the bakery! A reckless and unfeasible plan. In desperation, Kengo riles himself up… “I don’t give a damn what happens!” Prepared to possibly even be banned from the bakery… he rushes inside and…!? Circle: super ichigochan Original Work: DragoN9 Author: Misaoka

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Clothed,Breasts,Lots of White Cream / Juices,Toys,Uniform,Cunnilingus,Twin Tail,Big Breasts

Release date:09/14/2023