[ENG Ver.] Little Sister's Long and Passionate Masturbation Thinking of her Beloved Onii-chan

Character Introduction Name: Miyasawa Riko A girl that adores her older brother. Recently, she’s been trying to get seen as a woman by her brother. She’s a pervert, but she’s not aware of that. Synopsis School finished earlier, and the little sister, Riko, comes home to an empty house and now has too much free time. Then, she remembers that her older brother has a personal notebook. When she tries to watch some videos on said notebook, she notices that the browser is already opened. What she saw there was a porn site. Riko gets surprised, but out of curiosity about what kind of porn her brother likes, she watches some herself. The videos where more explicit than she expected, and the excitement lead to her fantasizing about having sex with her beloved brother. Now even more aroused, she unconsciously slides a hand to her crotch and begins to masturbate. From there, she forgets about her initial goal of killing time, and immerses herself in the pleasure of masturbating in her brother’s room. Contents Main Manga: 42 pages + Bonus CG: 48 pages = 100 page total Sexual Content Masturbation play using the fingers to rub and fondle the pussy and clitoris. * Except for the little sister’s fantasies, there are no “actual” sex scenes. * Basically, it is all soft masturbation. There is no extreme content. Who is it recommended for? (1) Those who like little sisters The main focus of this work, is the little sister’s masturbation, so there isn’t much interaction between the siblings. However, the little sister’s love for her brother is evident, so it is recommended for those who like little sisters and to feel loved by them. (2) Those who like loli characters A lot of effort was put in depicting this character. Her small breasts, slim waistline, the shape of her pelvis, and the modest butt, all the characteristic features of a loli have been depicted with great care to avoid making them too abstract. (3) Those who like watching girls masturbate In this work, almost all of the scenes depict the girl masturbating. So, this is recommended for those who enjoy watching girls immersed in the pleasure of masturbation. (English product description provided by “iulius”.)

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Loli,Younger Sister,Masturbation,Black Hair,Tiny Breasts,No Pubic Hair

Release date:11/01/2023