[ENG Ver.] Loli Manga Artist and His Fan and That Fan's Daughter

A super duper fan of a loli manga artist sends images of his daughter to that artist. One day, the fan proposes leaving his daughter in the care of the manga artist to help inspire him. What creative brainstorming does the artist and daughter get up to behind closed doors? The story of a loli manga artist who received DMs from one of his fans containing images of that fan’s daughter. If you like good girls that are obedient to their parent’s wishes, then look no further! Originally released at Comic Market 100! 34 main pages + bonus content (Of which 25 pages are deliciously sensual erotic scenes!) Artist: Yuuki Shiina Original Work: Kouhei Seto

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Loli,First Experience,Age Disparity,Facial Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Cum Swallowing,Oral Cumshot,Forced Oral / Irrumatio

Release date:04/12/2023