[ENG Ver.] Loner Goddess and Otaku Girl 4

One day, Itsuki meets a girl with animal ears in the mountains. The girl, who calls herself a fox goddess, has lost her home after her shrine was destroyed. Itsuki takes the fox goddess home, listens to her story, and decides to let her stay. As the fox goddess does not have a name, Itsuki names her “Koko,” and thus began their life together. Will the goddess, who knows nothing about modern human life, be able to adapt to her new environment? Vol. 4 returns to the slice of life setting. The goddess who has plenty of spare time on her hands, begins to move a little behind the scenes and investigate just who Itsuki actually is. A heartwarming slice of life story about a girl and a goddess living together.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Compilation,Yuri / Girls Love,Animal Ears,Tiny Breasts

Release date:01/24/2024