[ENG Ver.] Low Level Mage Corrupted by a Lewd Crest

This manga features the pleasure corruption of a low level conjurer who is imprinted with a lewd crest. 55 main pages / Originally released at Comic Market 100. * Contains both mosaic and black bar censor versions. [Synopsis] Sue Cornette is a low level mage. With her magical prowess lacking, and also being treated as a nincompoop at work, Sue spends her days idolizing high level / expert mages, witches and wizards… Then, one day, a mysterious fortune teller by the name of Remi appears before her. While Sue tries to decline, the woman nonetheless forcefully casts a “charm” on her… and Sue subsequently loses consciousness. While she is out cold, Sue dreams of ravenously sucking on dick. The “charm” that was cast on her by Remi was more-so something of a curse. In exchange for boosting her magical prowess and mana… Sue’s inner most desires are brought to the surface, amplified, and set free—- The lewd crest of a succubus! While Sue may have gained just what she wanted, and suddenly becomes a famous and admired all over town for her amazing magical abilities… the price she must pay for her new found powers not to be made light of… An irresistible compulsion for dick drives her mad with lust… As if in heat, she burns passionately with desire… And the only way to regain any sense of reasoning or composure…? Is to get a big dollop of dick cream!!! How is she going to get it? By disguising her identity and working at the local brothel, that’s how! However, little did she know, but the lewd crest was slowly corrupting her… Until eventually, the yearning for dick deep within her pussy… would cease to cease… Having finally lost her mind to the overwhelming thirst for sex, what does Sue do…? Check out what debaucherous fate awaits the heroine inside! ——————– Author: Wagashi (Twitter: @wagasi012)

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Loli,Magician / Witch,Fantasy,Facial Cumshot,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Naughty / Lewd

Release date:03/28/2023