[ENG Ver.] My Strict Boss Made Me Her Pet

Overview Your sexy female boss teases and torments you with her pantyhose clad legs. Know your place lackey boy! Your job entails entertaining her. If she says sex, you respond Yes Ma’am! Today, she has called you to her private office for some disciplinary guidance. Which means, you are to be her fap-pet, and help relieve her stress from work. Her black pantyhose, lube, and slippery slimy footjobs will see you pathetically splurt your load in no time. In pops one of your work colleagues. Oh no? No… problem! (?) The disciplinary session carries on!!! Wave after wave of pleasure… cry or wail as you may, the slamming of hips against hips only speeds up! You worry that everyone in the office will hear… but that should be the least of your worries as you cum and cum and cum again. Sexual Play Footjob Handjob Fellatio Irrumatio Cowgirl style Back position Creampie Consecutive climaxes * NO role reversal / switch / turning the tables. File Contents 45 monochrome main pages + 1 color cover 2150×3035 resolution * Unlike the sample images, the actual manga contains only black / white bar censoring.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:No Reverse,Cross-section View,Office / Workplace,Foot Job,Internal Cumshot,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man,Oral Cumshot

Release date:05/03/2022