[ENG Ver.] Novice Adventurer's End 1 [Orcbang] - Knightess Squire

This time, a knightess squire gets assailed by a squad of orcs. [Synopsis] In a world where human prosperity lead to arrogance and incurred the wrath of God. A divine blade slice through the earth, causing a cataclysm that would change the world forever. The ecosystem was altered… and the world filled with many different races. Dragons, minotaurs, orcs, goblins, undead, golems. cerberos, worms, elves, humans… And in this new world… it is humans that have the lowest status among all the races. In order to survive, they study magic, train with the blade, and bolster their bodies… Yet, even so, humans can barely defend their own sphere of existence. Survival of the fittest. Inexperienced adventurers have an extremely low rate of survival. Without the wisdom necessary for survival, they are like lambs to the slaughter. However… Perhaps it is the female adventurers who meet a fate much crueler than that of their male counterparts… —————————————- Novice Adventurer’s End 1 [Orcbang] – Knightess Squire Adventurers are contracted to escort transports between nations. Dreaming of one day becoming a royal knight, one such squire is escorting a wagon. Raided at night by orcs, she bears witness to the cruel treatment, violation and death of her comrades… and loses all will to fight. She has lived her life with the goal of becoming a knight. Do not fear death! Fight to the death! What she told herself… Her resolve… crumbles ever so feebly, and… She instinctively realizes her place as a “female” in the presence of a strong male. —————————————- Full Color Manga 50 pages (1447×2046 resolution JPEG and 723×1013 resolution PDF formats) 26 page text-less spread page ver. (2894×2046 resolution JPEG format) Smartphone version: [Text-less spread page] content can only be viewed via in-browser (DLsite Play).

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Fantasy,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Childbirth,Gangbang,Interspecies Sex,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:01/16/2024