[ENG Ver.] Orgasm Unit EX - Sadist's Counterattack

[Contents] 38 pages / Full Color Manga Lesbian, deep kissing, dependency, magical ability reduction expressions, dignity reduction expressions, cuckoldry, non-con, fingerbanging, immorality, glossy rubber suits, clothed eros, transforming heroines, leotards, girl on girl action, and more! Check out our Ci-en page too if you like what you see! https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/3578 [Synopsis] The protagonist Akari’s father created this world with the power to turn imagination into reality. Here two forces are in confrontation: Magical Warriors which become stronger through sex and Evil Beings who feed off magic. Due to the number of times and quality of sex having direct correlation to the strength of magical warriors, they would partner up with a number of people to have sex and power up. Aristocrats with aristocrats… and the bottom rungs of society with their own. That was the way of things. However, Iroka Momochi turned that system upside down… Even though she was part of the lower caste, she was capable of making dozens of partners thanks to her skillful erotic techniques alone, and having had copious amounts of sex… regardless of her low magic proficiency, she climbed her way up to become the 2nd most powerful magic warrior. Given that her magic proficiency is low, having sex with her will actually reduce the powers of most magic warriors, and thus normally, no-one would want to have sex with her. Let alone become her partner. However, Iroka’s SEX was just THAT good. Even though they know it to be a bad choice, her partners cannot help but going to get laid with her… However, even though she may have enough power to destroy the very foundations of the magic warriors organization, her magic still does not surpass that of Akari, who is ranked first in the hierarchy. With no chance of winning in a fight against her, Iroka turns her attention to Akari’s partner, Miu, and joins forces with the enemy to acquire a new power… “The Kiss of Dependency.” Miu attempts to keep Iroka away from Akari… but she falls and is subjected to lesbian torment at Akari’s hands… While Miu tries her best to resist, to not let Iroka have her way… she is rendered helpless by the kiss of dependency! In the end, can she escape from Iroka’s erotic techniques without causing trouble for her partner? Characters Miu Hyodo The protagonist of this volume. Third in the magic warrior hierarchy. She specializes in lesbianism and is faithful to Akari who showed understanding for her orientation. She is not interested in ranking, but utterly despises Iroka for her attempts to overthrow Akari, for her lack of dignity… and simply due to the fact that she’s a whore that sleeps with anyone. Iroka is not her type AT ALL…. and Miu thinks of her as a slutty bitch. Iroka Momochi Second in the magic warrior hierarchy. Although she is a superstar rookie that became second in hierarchy only after a single year… she is despised for her vulgarity and her willingness to have sex with anyone in order to increase her magical power. In order to overthrow Akari, she has joined forces with the enemy and is trying to corrupt Miu for her cause. She is an attention seeking monster that craves the limelight and has an immense desire for social approval. As such, she will not be satisfied until she is #1 in the hierarchy and receives more attention than anyone else. She cannot wait to exact her revenge on the aristocrats that looked down on her and upon and intends to totally and utterly humiliate them by becoming #1. Akari Hoshino First in the magic warrior hierarchy. With the exception of the organization’s leader, she is by far the most powerful magical warrior. However, she cares a lot about her friends and can be quite sensitive, so she is not invincible and can be defeated when her spirit if broken via phycological warfare. That’s where Miu comes in. With Miu by her side and supporting her, only then is she truly the strongest. This time drawn to be 100% lesbian! In volume 6, I drew a scene with the kiss of dependency, followed up by lesbian corruption, and to be honest, it was the most popular scene. I also thought the lesbian scene was the most erotic, so I wanted to draw a girl on girl action only volume someday. That day is today! I hope you enjoy the sense of immorality… of a girl becoming addicted to the kiss of dependency and letting the slut she despises have her way with her. The feeling of her corruption… of her fall… knowingly destroying herself, but unable to stop… unable to resist the sweet temptations…

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Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Ladies Comic,Decadent / Immoral,Verbal Humiliation,Shame / Humiliation,Coercion / Compulsion,Long Hair

Release date:08/18/2023