[ENG Ver.] Pathetically Ejaculate While Broadcast Live

Check out our Ci-en page: https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/922/article/920365 Scenario A work designed completely for masochists. On a live stream that only woman are watching, a young virgin man with a small prick will be made to ejaculate in a pathetic and humiliating manner. His real name revealed to the world, he is toyed with by a streamer girl who makes fun of his small penis, gives him a handjob while tormenting him with an electric massager, and shows off sex vids of her having sex with her boyfriend. Streamer Girl: A popular erotic themed streamer with over 500,000 followers. Sometimes she unlocks her social media DM functionality to accept applications from viewers who want to feature in her live streams. She generally puts off a sadistic aura in public, but behind closed doors with her boyfriend, she is a masochist that loves getting spanked. Contents 32 pages total without text ver. is available JPG / PDF formats + Hi-res cover illustration included * Unlike the sample images, the actual pages use black bar censoring. Smartphone version: [Hi-res cover illustration] content can only be viewed via in-browser (DLsite Play).

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:No Reverse,Toys,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Sexual Bondage,Shame / Humiliation,Submissive Man,Whispering

Release date:08/16/2023