[ENG Ver.] Quagmire ~Teasing Older Girl x Boy~

An OneShota (older girl x younger boy) themed manga featuring a girl who cherishes her younger sister, and that younger sister’s male classmate… indulging in and corrupting one another. The older sister is not happy that her little sister has taken a liking to the honor student boy. However, after something happens on the train, the two are enlightened to new found amorous feelings…! Big soft titties. So sweet they could make you choke. Kissing so deeply you cannot breath. This older girl is so very warm… On the outside, AND inside… Being a diligent student, the boy makes sure to give his utmost attention to “studying” her. The older girl likewise succumbs to the perverted pleasure of gently teasing her younger counterpart. Then one rainy day, the boy ends up staying at the older girl’s house and… 60 main pages Grayscale PDF included

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Breasts,Shota,Oneesan / Older Girl / Older Sister,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Big Breasts,Virgin Male

Release date:09/16/2022