[ENG Ver.] Sandwiched and Devoured by Two Virgin Hunters at an IRL Meetup

For whatever reason, the protagonist of our story ends up arranging to meet the two girls he plays online games with in real life. Intimidated by their overflowing extroverted energy, he nonetheless shows up at the designated meeting place to find both of them waiting for him, and damn, they’re hot! Who knows why, but they take a liking to him and end up taking him to a hotel. Come along as he drowns in an ocean of pleasure, courtesy of one sweet gal and one aloof gal. 36 pages total Characters * Pervy Gal 1 Kiina Todaka Blonde. Nice to nerds. Will let you get away with anything. Loves virgins. Height: 171cm Weight: 58kg BHW: 94 / 60 / 91 Username: key * Pervy Gal 2 Ibara Sakuma Black hair. A gal that’s cold towards introverts. Loves to verbally tease and abuse. Also loves virgins. Height: 168cm Weight: 55kg BHW: 89 / 58 / 90 Username: rose * Protagonist Itsuya Mochida A man with no redeeming qualities other than he’s a little better at games than others. Virgin. Puppy-like. Height: 160cm Weight: 49kg Username: MochiMochi Emperor

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Gal,Cool Attitude (Dominant),Harem,Breast Sex,Naughty / Lewd,Orgy Sex,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:12/16/2023