[ENG Ver.] Story About Defecating Worms Grown Inside The Colon

A manga about a girl who grows a “cleaning worms” inside her colon and then defecates them all out. If you are a little squeamish with bugs / insects, then you should heed caution. 32 pages total / 28 main pages Sexual Play / Situations: – Insect defecation (no scat) – Anal plug – Enema Synopsis There is a kind of worm called “cleaning worms” which eat and grow from waste matter. The protagonist of this story found these worms available for sale as “beauty products” and thought to herself, “Hey, if I grow them in my colon, maybe it’ll feel real good?” She proceeds to try it out. It takes a little time for the worms to fully grow, so to make sure they don’t slip out prematurely, she uses an anal plug held in place by a timer locked padlock and then wears some denim jeans over top. There will be no removing the plug until the time is up… No matter what happens… As the worms grow and grow inside of her, she is filled with feelings of anticipation and anxiety…

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Ahegao / Gapeface,Enema,Anal,Interspecies Sex,Insect Sex

Release date:07/29/2022