[ENG Ver.] Stroke of Insect ~Mosquitos~

The story of a woman who drowns in the pleasurable titillation and itchiness of mosquito bites on her erogenous zones. She has already learnt the exotic thrills that ants and worms can bring… and her body desires more violation to quench its depraved thirst for pleasure. (* Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.) 30 pages / Full Color * If insects make you squeamish, you may wish to avoid this work. Sexual Play Armpit, belly button, nipples, clitoris, cervical stimulation, mosquito bite / itchiness induced climax * Contains depictions of incontinence. * Contains cross-section cuts. (seX-ray views)

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Cross-section View,Ahegao / Gapeface,Urination / Peeing,Interspecies Sex,Insect Sex

Release date:01/26/2023