[ENG Ver.] Swallowed Leech

20 pages / Full Color Burdened with debt, a woman applies to become a test subject for a clinical trial. It was supposed to be a simple one-off job where she just had to swallow a leech. But it turns out to be a special kind of leech… which violates the woman’s digestive track. (mouth, gullet, stomach, colon, etc.) * If insects make you squeamish, you may wish to avoid this work. Sexual Play Digestive track violation, massive number of insects defecated, and orgasms induced by that. * Contains cross-section cuts. (seX-ray views)

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Ahegao / Gapeface,Anal,Interspecies Sex,Cum Swallowing,Insect Sex

Release date:01/26/2023