[ENG Ver.] That Demi-Human Girl Has Caught My Eye 3

In a certain world somewhere. There are many people who are born with special powers or unique features due to unexpected mutations. Such people are called “Ato,” and are generally treated with contempt by most of society, but… In a certain mansion… There is a man who has been allured by the charm of “Ato,” and instead out of his way to hire them as maids and enjoy living together with them. Among the maids, there “Mane” a particularly rare kind of “Ato” know as “Fukabito.” And not only her unique charm, but she herself… acutely riles her master’s heart with each passing day… One day, one of the maids shows her master a new gravure magazine featuring “Ato” models, but…? 20 main pages PDF format available

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Maid

Release date:12/26/2023