[ENG Ver.] The JK Next Door Blackmailed Her Way Into My Home 2

Last time, the male office worker in his 30s rapes the highschool girl next door when she defenselessly falls asleep at his place. Thinking she was going to report him, he prepares to move apartments, but… then she turns up to his place once more and… this time he violates her under the influence of alcohol. A highschool girl next door rape themed erotic manga. 20 manga pages 1300×921 image resolution * Acrylic figures of the manga cover sold in Japan: Toranoana: http://urx3.nu/cl5W Melonbooks: http://urx3.nu/U8aB

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Clothed,Student,Uniform,Internal Cumshot,Coercion / Compulsion

Release date:04/01/2023