[ENG Ver.] The Last Lolita

[Synopsis] In the distant future, human civilization as we know it has collapsed. To ensure the survival of the currently living humans, a young man is tasked with the mission of excavating relics from the past. He stumbles upon an underground facility and unexpectedly encounters a “girl.” Something which is said to have become extinct long ago. The girl herself, Nono Chigusa, is very curious about the first man she has ever met. Making full use of what limited sexual knowledge she had as a student, she lectures the young man about how a girl’s genitals work and their purpose… With some hands on practical learning of course! As her lower lips run wet in anticipation, she performs a rehearsal with her mouth, and then the two attempt what is known as “SEKKUSU.” An ancient ritual that was supposedly performed often by the humans of old. While the world as we know it has ended… There is something wonderful about this new freedom, unbound by the rigid rules of our societies… Enjoy an ideal flirty lovey end-of-the-world life story! 22 main pages + without text cover variations + bonus content

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Loli,Outdoor,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Tsurupeta

Release date:09/07/2022