[ENG Ver.] The Paws of Pleiades [Ch.1: Childhood]

A furry journey across the stars. Caph the catboy and his faithful dragon Kaitos wander the universe gathering wishes. Each planet they visit has its own myriad citizens and stories, and each stop on their journey takes them closer to the truth of their own creation. 176 pages total * This is the first chapter of a story that is planned to be 3 chapters in length. Table of contents #01 A new world (5~38P) #02 The land of liars (39~82P) #03 Under the surface (83~126P) #04 Spinning away (127~172P) Chapter 1 Characters A quick overview of the characters in Chapter 1.

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Genre:Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Kemo / Animalization / Transfur,Shonen Manga,Fantasy

Release date:02/18/2022