[ENG Ver.] The Sex I so Very Desired was INTENSE

Sweet Lovey Yuri Sex with a DICK GIRL! This is a flirty dirty sex erotic manga featuring lovey dovey lesbian sex between a dick girl and a girl. * Note: The dick girl in this work is a girl who does not have female genitalia. Only a penis. [Synopsis] Komachi is dating an older girl named Asuka and she yearns to have sex with her. Rumor has it that Asuka has a huge dick, so Komachi has been practicing in preparation for her beloved girlfriend. When they do finally have sex, Komachi is filled with feelings of utter bliss. However, while Asuka is a late bloomer and very gentle, her sex is rough and wild… 36 main pages + cover

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Lovers,Yuri / Girls Love,Lesbian,Consensual Sex,Tiny Breasts, Futanari,Large Cock

Release date:07/26/2023