[ENG Ver.] Yuuri 100% Feminization ~Crossdressing boy turned to Femswine~

Yuuri is a very cute crossdressing boy who had been taking advantage of all the women he can get his hands on by hooking up offline with them. But he messed with the wrong woman, Misaki, and gets sexually disciplined into her femswine plaything. After she rapes his virgin anus, he ends up incapable of thinking about anything but anal sex and becomes more and more addicted to the debaucherous pleasure. One day, he really reaaaaalllllly wanted to to femgasm and upon begging his mistress for mercy, she presented him with a condition … “Lay out all your personal information right there… then kneel down and prostrate yourself.” “And beg… ‘Please make a pitiful fake femboy like me into a true woman.'” What’s in store for Yuuri, who’s only redeeming feature is his pretty face, and who has had the privilege of an easy mode life so far~~~!? 30 main pages + cover Contents: No role reversals, CFNM, anal violation only, nose hooks, crossdressing boy, etc. Smartphone version: [Cover] content can only be viewed via in-browser (DLsite Play).

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:No Reverse,Otoko no ko,Cross-dressing as a Woman,Ahegao / Gapeface,Sexual Training,Shame / Humiliation,Submissive Man,Anal

Release date:10/07/2023