FANBOX 1000 Plan or more Limited Manga 2022.06

June 2022_FANBOX1000 plan or more supporters limited manga(1 full-color page). This is the “Exchange Multiverse,” a worldview where “if Musashi♂’s spirit was still in Ibuki♀’s body…”. The content is sex between Musashi (inside is Yamato♂) and Ibuki (inside is Musashi♂). You will enjoy it even more if you read the “FANBOX_June 2022 summary” in advance. The size is 868 * 1229 pixels and it is a one-page Manga. There are 3 types, Japanese version, English version, and no dialogue. Other languages ​​are not yet supported, so a text file for translation is also included. I have received requests for the past 1000+ plan limited edition illustrations from FANBOX, so we have made them available for purchase by anyone. The price is set at a flat rate of 1000 yen regardless of the number or quality of copies, as these were originally only distributed to those who supported at least 1000 plans in that month. Please understand this. Reproduction, unauthorized use, or sale is prohibited. Please enjoy for personal viewing only (English product description provided by the creator.)




Release date:08/05/2022