Girls Beat! Plus - Rie vs Shizuku & Mia

Summary [Story] [Characters] Rie: Saitou’s classmate and a member of the track team. Another member introduced her to Beat! Thanks to her experience in track, her legs are especially strong, making her low kicks something to be feared. Lately she’s been practicing her chokeholds on some guys the track team’s captured. It’s said that after practice she has the smelliest feet of all the girls on the team. Shizuku & Mia: A popular pair of broadcasters who run “Cheers Beat!”, a channel that covers handicap matches. Learned many techniques from their cheer-leading days, and after a video of them pounding a peeping perp went viral, they started up a mixed fighting video channel for “Beat!”. They only fight in 2 vs 1 handicap matches, but have suffered 0 defeats since the channel’s founding. Recently, they’ve started to enjoy taking down male opponents with their special smells. [Terminology] Beat!: A matching site for martial artists, regardless of gender. Men pay a high registration fee, while woman can enter for free. Using AI and a basic rundown of one’s level of skill, the service will match you with an opposite and even set the fighting grounds. While men cannot select an opponent, women can. Furthermore, women can set the conditions for the match, making the system favorable towards them. The management group is a a female pro-wrestling organization called “Thanatos”. 18 pages + 1 cover [Previous works] “Girls Beat! vs Rie (RJ279322)” “Girls Beat! Plus -Yuu Hiiragi vs Rie- (RJ310545)” “Girls Beat! vs Shizuku & Mia (RJ284164)” [Credits] Illustration: Toppogi ( ) Planning / Script / Original Idea: The Nation of Head Scissors ( )

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Wrestler / Fighter,Jock / Athlete / Sports,Fighting / Martial Arts,Cat Fight,Violence,SM,Verbal Humiliation,Torture

Release date:05/21/2021