Male Defeat Mixed Boxing Vol. 2

*This is intended as a downloadable version of manga drawn on my support website. It is not a new work drawn for this sale. The title of the work, [Mixed Boxing], refers to boxing in which men and women fight with mixed genders. The point of the work is for the male to lose to the female, which is similar in nature to BDSM or femdom. There is no showing of the dominant female stripping off. Although set at R18, some stories are at a level of sexual expression that could be published in a shounen manga. I am Japanese. I do my own English translation. I translate to communicate the meaning of the work, not to translate it as well as a native speaker. Sorry for any inconvenience, but please understand in beforehand. [Included works]. 2 manga, 94 pages in total ◆Chapter 1 PUNCHING DOLL / 69 pages ( Boxing ) ◆Chapter 2 Limited-time Mistress / 25 pages ( Boxing ) (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Sports,Fighting / Martial Arts,SM

Release date:08/06/2022