Manifest Vol. 10

This volume contains issues #19-20 of the original ongoing series MANIFEST. The return of Nazcoatl, the King of Garudas, on Manifest seemed inevitable, especially without Saturn around. Somehow Moonbird, Blind Sparrow, and Horsefoot saved not just the Nayans, but the whole Manifest from a new, devastating war and the catastrophic consequences of a Resonance event. Seventeen years after that day, Tessa is finally face to face with the Artisan. Betrayed once again by the woman she’s supposed to save, Tessa Theus is on the verge of defeat by the hands of the Artisan. The fragile mind of the heroine can be easily exploited by the villain and used against her, in an effort to discover the secret link between the original Thunder Girl and the cosmic event known as the Resonance. This product is written in English.



Genre:Buttocks,Breasts,Leotard,Fantasy,Big Breasts

Release date:12/31/2016