Record of a Male Student admitted to an All Girls School for Sex Duty

Synopsis This is a record of your perverted sex with the lewd lusty girls of an all girls school. As the ONLY guy… you are tasked with the duty to take care of alllll~ their pent up sexual frustrations. Awaiting you in the clandestine garden of maidens… were lewd and lusty girls who cannot keep their hands off your dick!! Sexually frustrated, their libidos are out of control, and fetish factor off the charts! They use whatever means they can to seduce you into having perverted sex with them… Are you ready for a debauched academy life surrounded by lecherous girls that can’t wait to get a sniff of your dick? Four such girls are featured… – A man hating glasses wearing girl sniffs your dick while masturbating. – TikT*ker girl with lots of piercings gives your dirty dick a facejob. – Wild sex and body odor sniffing with a voluptuous sweaty girl. – Piledriver piston fuck and creampie with the school’s idol. Etc. etc… four girls, four flavors. Lots of fap material. Lots of dick sniffing, dirty dick fetish content for the debauched connoisseur. * As each story focuses on each girl individually, there is no threesomes, orgies, harem, etc. situtations. 24 main pages + cover + 20 variation pages from the girls’ perspective + 20 without text variations = 65 total pages

Circle:Anon’s Great Flood Legend


Genre:Internal Cumshot,Masturbation,Blowjob / Fellatio

Release date:12/16/2022