Root 3 in the restroom...

↓This translation has not been reviewed by a native speaker, so it may not be perfect. Please understand. ・Please make sure to register as a user before purchasing. ・Size is 1190×1683. ・File formats are JPG and PDF. ・Color 27 pages (including cover) and Difference 27 pages (including cover). Total 54 pages. ※The difference is the full 27 pages of the manga, and we created another story. ※Version 1…is “A Confession of Love to the Girl’s Cuckold” where the cuckold hears it.  Version 2…is “A Scene Where the Girl is Made to Speak Ill of the Cuckold While Being Fucked” where the cuckold hears it. There are two versions. ・A textless folder is also included. The total number of pages is 108. ・It’s a work that condenses the detestable nature of a frivolous man, so if you don’t have a tolerance for it, please refrain from purchasing. ・The entire work is non-nude erotica. There are only 2 frames of tits exposure. This is a situation where Fujiki-kun, who had a stomachache, enters the toilet where Chara-man and Madoka are doing it even though they are in class. Since it is a forced situation and I was having trouble finding a place to insert it in the series, I left it alone, but this time I decided to proceed with creating it. I hesitated because it was a little late, but I thought there might be a demand from fans of the series. There is no development in the story, and it repeats similar things to vol. 4.5 or vol. 4.6 as Route 3. However, this time the cuckold is present at the scene. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Haruharu dou


Genre:Uniform,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Cuckoldry (Netori),Verbal Humiliation,Anal,Big Breasts

Release date:06/27/2023