Sorry For Having Such A Powerful Anus!!

A Full Color Erotic Manga About Anal Expansion!!! Seia is dating her teacher, but it would seem that he just loves to tease her anus. She awaits his arrival while “preparing” her anus as always. Muttering on about how she doesn’t understand his fetish, she ploughs her own anus with a big dildo. But, what’s this? Are those moans of pleasure slipping from her mouth..? ——————————————————— Contains: Sex toys, Cusco’s speculum, massive anal dildo, fistfucking, and more! Plough Seia’s petite ass with all kinds of instruments!!! While it may be just a dream, THAT pitfall is also included. 32 main pages+ cover + 4 page intermission

Circle:nekoniwa soft


Genre:Foreign Objects,SM,Anal,Stretch / Expansion,Fisting / Fist Sex

Release date:11/05/2023