The Incubus Plaything ~A Week of Edging Climax Restraint~

Synopsis Behind the graceful and perfect honor student Mari is a demonic sex fiend that feeds on semen by night. But this time, she’s been stopped in the act by some powerful incubi, and her power to invade dreams is stolen away from her. The condition for her full release? A week without climaxing under full pleasurable titillation in the dream world. Can she make it through the week? A story for those that love to see sadistic and powerful girls get taken down a notch! Character Introduction Mari A human girl who possesses the power of a succubus. At night, she enters the dreams of unsuspecting and defenseless males to feed. She’s a sadist, but doesn’t want to cause trauma. She loves the lewd, but nothing forceful. By day, she plays the part of a delicate, graceful, and virgin honor student. Exclusive Content Includes 5-page bonus monochrome manga featuring anal content that was not part of the main story. (* Exclusive to DLsite and patron websites only.) Details 51 main pages / 57 pages total including cover, etc. Regular / text-less versions included Full color PDF / JPEG formats

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,No Reverse,Successive Orgasms,Strong Willed (Submissive),Succubus / Incubus,Violation,Sexual Training,Coercion / Compulsion

Release date:10/17/2023