TS Variety Pack! Feminization, Possession, etc... +extra

An assortment of 16 TS works featuring feminization and possession! We have collected works released in 2022 on the support site Popland and on Twitter. Contains 16 TS-related works, mainly featuring feminization and possession. Also includes one non-TS work. An additional 9 page color manga drawn for this collection is included. 201 main pages consisting of 14 illustrations (+95 variations), 59 pages of color manga (+12 variations), 21 pages of monochrome manga. (Cover, table of contents, synopsis, etc. excluded) English translation included. * Feature-length manga are not included because they are scheduled to be distributed separately.



Genre:Compilation,School / Academy,Possession,Feminization,Sex Change / Transsexual,Masturbation,Brainwashing,Big Breasts

Release date:07/16/2023