Unfortunately the adventurer's book 5 has vanished. (English edition)

Synopsis Visiting lower-ranked succubus beauties, boys get cumsqueezed as pleasuring as even their minds go blank and their lifeforce are sucked through the succubi’s energy absorption process. Vol. 5. Cistina is a white magic teacher who once fought with the legendary hero Will. Two of her students Neil and Zash are very closely attached to her. When a certain thing happens, the boys go to defeat succubi but end up getting violated by Cistina and the succubus onesan… Zash’s dummy-doll and MP is drained through sex, and is repeatedly healed with MP every time he runs out of cum. There’s no way that a sex-rookie like himself could withstand so much stimulation and… This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Unfortunately the adventurer’s book 5 has vanished. (Japanese edition) (RE258714)”



Genre:No Reverse,Breasts,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Succubus / Incubus,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man,Big Breasts

Release date:04/17/2020