Unfortunately the adventurer's book 6 has vanished. (English edition)

This time, the story takes place before story #1. Half angel, half human siblings try to take on the evil succubi, but… * This is the English version. Situations Defeat Energy drain Level drain Cowgirl Coercion Tentacles and more! Prologue In the distance past, humanity was menaced by the threat of the Demon Lord. But in the midst of this dark time, two children were born, the result of a union between a human and an angel. Thanks to their special powers, the pair was expected to defeat the Demon Lord. And so they did, but not before he sent the Witch Succubus to wipe out their village. Now the two work as bounty hunters to build their strength and defeat the Succubus! Characters Witch Succubus: A high-ranking succubus that lives by feeding off the energy of other beings. Catches her prey in her tail and drains them of their level and skills. Greed Succubus: Low-level succubi that drain other creatures of their energy. Lucille (Luciel) A half-angel boy who possesses the power to fight demons. Emille (Emiel) A half-angel girl who possesses the power to fight demons. Contains overlapping content with “Unfortunately the adventurer’s book 6 has vanished. (Japanese edition) (RE274418)”



Genre:No Reverse,Breasts,Serial Product,Succubus / Incubus,Fantasy,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Reverse Rape

Release date:05/24/2020