The Purple Forest Ritual

Story Requested to seal and restrain the monsters, Freya heads to the forest to fulfill the demand. How will she- be able to perform the ritual to seal the strong, violent purple monsters? Her fate is all within the hands of the player…by you. — The game specializes in unique gaming stale of [Side Scroll] + [Tower Defense] system. Build a “Tower” to shoot down the monsters, appearing from the right side of the game screen. Protect the altar from 50 waves of monsters coming in! (Demo ver. has 5 waves.) Pixel sex movements: 25 (folders) Pixel animations for Ending / Event scene: 14 (folders) Altar Shop Use “Mana” and “Sperm” obtained by defeating monsters, and shop at the altar to buy useful items! Where to get semen from? 1. Get attacked naked by the blue or red glowing monsters. 2. Get into Sex Mode with the monster and wring out their semen! 3. Carry the collected semen to the altar. 4. Now you’ve got yourself some “Sperm”! Game Operation (Please refer to the Readme.txt file in the product) ESC = Options ← / → = Move Left / Right Z = Confirm X = Cancel C = Plant Mushuu Q, W, E, R = Use Items A = Speed-up Wave S = Start Wave V = Freya’s Full-body Switch



Genre:Female Protagonist,Breasts,Dot / Pixel,Internal Cumshot,Breast Milk,Big Breasts,Insect Sex

Release date:02/26/2023