3D Real Model: Mis*to Training Plan

Introducing a game which takes the boom to the next level, rendered in stereoscopic-style 3D! No special technology or additional purchases are needed for this software. If you’ve got a pair of old red-blue anaglyph 3D glasses, you can enjoy the full effect of this exciting 3D game. Enjoy breasts and bottoms close enough to squeeze as the women appear to be right there in your presence. The game is set on 3D display by default, but you can switch to standard display mode. Simply uncheck the 3D display box in the menu. Main game contents feature Mis*to from the popular anime. A virginal young man lives with an overly sexual, lecherous woman. She opens his eyes through domination training. Fully loaded with sex scenes, and includes voice acting from three female actresses! Details are available on the demo and homepage: http://homepage2.nifty.com/pelocan/ura/ * 3D and standard display settings * Countless adlibs from female voice actresses * Optional sound for male and female voices * Available in Japanese and English

Circle:PeroPero Candy


Genre:3D Works,Cosplay,Gag / Joke,Breast Milk,Sexual Training,Big Breasts,Pregnant Woman

Release date:03/19/2010