Misato Training Plan (Language: English/Japanese)

It is popular anime, the main game of Misato. The contents are “the boy of the virgin lives in with the elder and lecherous woman”. Then, excellently, he has been trained with the candy and the lash. Surely, it is the same as the scenario of the original. The erotic scene is a lot of contents. Also, because it is a wonderful painter and three voice actresses this time, too, it is full contents. Please see details in the trial version and homepage. * A lot of ad lib of the female voice actor is included. * Built-in changing feature of the man, the woman voice. * This software is Japanese-English bilingual compatible. This is the bilingual JAPANESE/ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

Circle:PeroPero Candy


Genre:Cosplay,Gag / Joke,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Breast Milk,Sexual Training,Big Breasts

Release date:01/04/2008