Naomi's Past

Story Naomi’s a young student about to start her second year in a veterinary university. She’s been living a normal life, most of her time being used to work, study or go out with her best friend Satori. However, the arrival of a transfer student will completely turn her life upside down… Ever wondered how the veterinary nurse from Slice of Venture became who she is? Follow that story of her past to learn more about her! And if you haven’t played Slice of Venture, no problem. The game’s a stand alone. You can play it without having played a single game of the series! Let yourself go in that linear story (no branching nor bad ending) that manages to be both kinky and a bit emotional at times. Art by PeakJump

Circle:Blue Axolotl


Genre:Emotional / Touching,Yuri / Girls Love,Consensual Sex,Bestiality

Release date:12/02/2020