Summer season's greetings from Pillar.

This software is a prototype audio novel greeting card that I posted on my site during the dog days of summer in 2007. This is what was produced when I tried to translate it into English after getting a request to make an English version. As my English isn’t perfect, please understand that there may be some mistakes in this work. This is the first audio novel that my circle has ever created. It was a way to test out sound effects and special effects and does not feature any background music or a guide. However, as a test this software has special effects to go along with the fart scene. This is a unique feature that no other adult software availalable in Japan has. You can only find it in this software. You can enjoy it along with the fart sound effects. The contents were supposed to go with a story, but for various reasons it was not finished. The characters featured are based on characters from a popular work.

Circle:Pira no onnboro goya



Release date:01/08/2008