Cubic Solutions with Magical Cubes! Math Kaleido

Please be sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing. The trial version contains 3 types of puzzles (one side only x 2 & the whole side x 1) that are different from the beginning of the story and the product version. The product version contains all the stories and 9 types of puzzles(the whole side×9). Move the animal. Please arrange the same color in 8 squares around the center. As in the example above Ultimately the animal must be in the center. Abilities will be added depending on the completed color. Yellow: Increases movement speed. White: You can exchange the position with the center cell by pressing the [Enter]or[Space]. Green: You can exchange the position with the top cell by pressing [Esc]or[Shift] + [UP]. Orange: You can exchange the position with the leftmost cell by pressing [Esc]or[Shift] + [LEFT]. Pink: You can exchange the position with the rightmost cell by pressing [Esc]or[Shift] + [RIGHT]. Blue: You can exchange the position with the bottom cell by pressing [Esc]or[Shift] + [DOWN]. You can also move [W] [A] [S] [D] instead. It’s a simple puzzle, but it’s deep when you try to reach the maximum speed. English notation uses translation software. Please forgive me for any mistranslations. Product version & Trial version update information Trial ver1.0.2(2021/11/19) Fixed a bug when playing puzzles continuously from [Index]. Changed the puzzle number notation of the Twitter function for the trial version. Trial ver1.0.1(2021/11/09) Fixed a bug in the space bar and a typo in URL. Trial ver1.0.0(2021/11/08) Release The creator has specifically pointed out that the English in this product is a machine translation!



Genre:Female Protagonist,RPG Maker,Loli,Student,Magic Girl,Uniform,School / Academy,Yuri / Girls Love

Release date:11/19/2021