Neko Hacker Plus

ABOUT THIS GAME You miraculously slip into the room of your friend, who works as a photographer. While she is busy, you have time to hack the images on her computer! Discover all the pictures by solving simple puzzles of the ChanOS system! GAMEPLAY In the process of exploring a friend’s room, you can do the available activities. For example, play darts, change clothes, modify your body look, watch the cats or just dance. FEATURES * 2D and 3D gameplay; * 12 arts to unlock; * Several mini games; * Character customization; (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Axyos Games


Genre:Female Protagonist,Clothes Changing / Dress up,Breasts,Anime,3D Works,Underwear,School Swimwear,Nekomimi

Release date:06/24/2022