A dungeon of temptation to squeeze all the semen out of you.(English version.)

Escape the dungeon without getting caught by the girls! *Synopsis When I woke up, I found myself in a room. Feeling somewhat strange, I looked around and realized that I was in a dungeon. It seemed that someone had abducted me and thrown me in here. In my anxiety and fear, I realized that the girls were waiting for me. Come to think of it, I had heard rumors about a certain dungeon. A dungeon where you are abducted and thrown in and forced to squeeze semen out of you until you die. I wonder if this might be the case here. I shuddered when I learned that if I was caught by these women, I would be forced to ejaculate. The only hope was to escape from this dungeon. You decide to proceed through the dungeon without coming into contact with the girls. *H Scene If you succumb to the girls’ honey traps or get caught, the main character will be raped. There are multiple H-scenes for all the female characters in the game. Reverse rape Hand job Ball rubbing Stomping Foot job Titjob Thigh job and other variations. The girl will try to make you ejaculate many times during the H scene. *System The goal of the game is to escape from the dungeon by avoiding enemies while predicting their movement routes. You need to pick up the key to open the door, so you need to think about the route you are going to take. Even after reaching the goal, enemies will try to trick you with colorful tricks, so you must resist temptation as you advance. It is a game with a high level of thinking and action elements. An ending is provided, and why do these girls attack you? The ending of the game reveals why. The game is expected to take 1-2 hours to play. *Other There are 95 HCGs in the game. The game was created using Wolf RPG Editor, so the system requirements are based on this software. This work was translated by machine translation. (English product description provided by the creator.) Warning: The creator has specifically pointed out that the English is a machine translation.



Genre:Bitch / Slut,Coquettish / Seduction,Hand Job,Foot Job,Verbal Humiliation,Coercion / Compulsion,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:06/26/2023