Ayano the Exorcist [English ver.]

Summary * This is the English version of “Ayano the Exorcist (RE252479)” The busty exorcist in a skin-tight bodysuit challenges a tentacle dungeon! ◆22 base CGs. ◆Voiced scenes. ◆Lewd sound effects dripping with realism. Features: ◆Masturbate anywhere Ayano can masturbate anywhere, at any time, even in combat! ◆Review scenes anywhere You can review once seen erotic scenes whenever you want! ◆Growing Lust Ayano’s behavior and speech changes as her Lust grows, eventually she’ll be begging for pleasure! Though she can also masturbate to ease the heat. ◆All enemy attacks are erotic The goal of Ayano’s enemies is to corrupt and turn her into a breeding slave. All of their attacks are sexual in nature. Will Ayano be able to withstand the obscene onslaught? ◆Clothed sex & Erotic fluids In most scenes Ayano is fully covered in her skin-tight suit and lots and lots of lewd secretions of tentacles. ◆Tirelessly attacking tentacle monsters The tentacle monsters inhabiting the dungeon aim to turn Ayano into yet another of their breeding pods. And they know that the best way to do it is to crush her will to escape with mind-breaking pleasure. Suffering the lewd assault of the tentacles, Ayano will gradually become their prisoner in body and mind. ◆Countless erotic traps The dungeon is full of tentacles. They hide, waiting for their prey to come. Even the most harmless-looking places are teeming with danger.  ◆The lust poison Throughout the dungeon, Ayano will find herself covered in sticky, cloudy mucus driving her mind into heat. Even the body fluids of her enemies are filled with it, there’s no escape from the lust. ◆Erotic content includes: -Masturbation to vent overpowering lust. -Tentalce molestation of many kinds, such as: -Tentacle restrain & Nipple injection play → Nipple ejaculation. -Tentacle restrain & Anal caress shame play. -Worthless slug-like mini-tentacles crawling Ayano’s body into orgasm. -Full-body caress in pitfall tentacles. -Lez play with a demoness mid-combat. And many other traps and monsters ready to molest Ayano. You can find more information about this work on Ci-en: https://ci-en.jp/creator/3118/article/56701 Make sure to check it out. ※This game was made on RPGMaker MV. Consequently, it requires a system that can run RPGMaker MV. ※It is strongly recommended to create a DLsite account before purchasing the game in case of updates or bugfixes.

Circle:7th Door


Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Breasts,Successive Orgasms,English Works,Ahegao / Gapeface,Masturbation,Tentacle,Big Breasts

Release date:09/30/2020