Liar Training - I will believe in my instructor and fight -

** Story Crimle calendar 745. There were wars all over the world. My country is no exception. Both men and women have to go to war. As a former warrior, I was able to become an instructor, partly because of my parents’ connections. I was appointed as an instructor at the “Female Warrior Training Center” where they trains female warriors. At first, I thought I should teach them to be a strong warrior, but when I got there, I saw all the cute girls in front of me… Especially the girl in front of me had a plump body, long hair, blue eyes, clear skin…amazing! I was never popular to girls, so I just ended up with delusions and imaginations … (These girls don’t know anything… I want to teach them fake techniques and make them do naughty things … And send them to the battlefield … I wonder what will happen…) My job as an erotic instructor begins. ** RPG Teach a girl who doesn’t know how to fight to do something naughty, and live a paradise life. Then send her to the battlefield. Of course, the naughty techniques that they learned so hard would be of no use… This is an insulting RPG where I send girls I taught fake techniques to, into the enemy’s territory. ** Heroine Name : Mel Cream Age : 18 Attribute : Half elf, cute and beautiful like a doll. Has long platinum-colored hair, blue eyes, and clear skin. Has elf ears and long legs. She is tall. Personality: Strong sense of justice and determined to fight for her country. She enrolls in a female warrior training center without any knowledge of combat. Because of her hard-work and unyielding personality, she often takes herself too far. ** Technique As an instructor, I call naughty things “techniques that can be used in battle”, and teach them to the girls. Sometimes I’ll say, “Move your hips! You will get killed if you don’t!” Sometimes I’ll say, “Squeeze the cock with your boobs! That way you can easily defeat the enemy!” Sometimes I’ll say, “Being naked will help you focus! Yes, you’ll have to stick out your butt even more!” Sometimes I’ll say, “Don’t you hate losing? If you can’t do this, you can’t become a warrior!” The girls believe what the instructor says and trains hard to protect their country, no matter what. Woman (… I definitely want to be stronger … so I’ll move my hips harder! My level as a warrior should be improving) No, the only thing that she is improving is how horny she is…

Circle:Kunka Kunka Empire


Genre:Comedy,War / Battlefield,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Blowjob / Fellatio,Coercion / Compulsion,Rape,Big Breasts

Release date:02/16/2021