Revenge of the Female Demon King

(English product description provided by the creator.) ** Prologue Final battle Everything in this world knew the battle. That is to say, the hero who was the only person recklessly challenged the Demon King. And the hero boldly fought the Demon King, succeeded in sealing the Demon King through numerous battles. That is the content of the final battle that has been passed down to the present. What happened to the sealed Demon King? This is the story of such a demon king ** To Demon King The Demon King sealed by the hero has a body like a girl … She was Demon King who swears revenge on the hero who made her like this She goes on a journey to defeat the hero, but she doesn’t go as expected because of her weak body … Days that she is looked down by demons … And she was chased by human adventurers, sometimes fucked, sometimes squeezed her energy, sometimes get monsters comapany it was a dangerous journey … ** Abuse and prostitution The super high pride Demon king is tortured as much as possible. Sometimes killing pride for money and prostitute … Struggling while becoming a health lady of delivery health at a brothel … Can she overcome the difficulties? The demon king who ruled the world … Not only the power but also the image (heart) will disappear? (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Breasts,Prostitution / Paid Dating,Bukkake,Breast Sex,Violation,Naughty / Lewd,Big Breasts

Release date:02/27/2022